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The Reading for Comprehension Level 5 book is designed for students who have a current reading age equivalent to that of a 9 year old.  It includes literal, inferential and evaluative questions.  Crucial to understanding text is a good vocabulary.  Consequently, students learn the meaning of 20 key words each week and these words are used in an extended reading text at the end of the week.  Although the Reading for Comprehension programs were primarily designed for students having difficulty with reading comprehension, they can also be effectively used by all students to boost their comprehension skills.

This is the single use version for students. There is also a photocopiable pdf version available.

A free vocabulary game for the Level 5 Comprehension is available on the Tiny Tap app.  This is a free app to download.  Once you have signed on, search for the course Reading for Comprehension Level 5.  A computer version is also available at:

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  1. Joel

    As a parent it is really difficult to devise reading practice beyond the basics of just encouraging reading itself and then asking basic questions about characters, storyline, etc. If your child is not answering clearly or understanding, then coming up with the next ‘remedial’ step is not evident! This book has provided that ‘next step’. Also, the boys have not found it tedious and have enjoyed the content, so the interest is there to actually work through the activities each week. My 10 year old even said it was fun, I almost fell off my chair!

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