On-line Writing Workshop

$99.00 for 6 months

The online workshops are limited to the person who purchased and registered for the workshop.


The On-line Writing Workshop consists of 5 Units:
* Introduction
* Oral Language
* Persuasive Writing
* Narrative Writing
* Editing

In this workshop participants will learn strategies for effectively teaching the Writing Persuasively and Writing Creatively courses. Good oral language skills underpin good writing. Consequently, it is important that teachers have a good understanding of how to help students develop these skills. Editing is an important component of the writing process, but one that many students find difficult, so techniques for helping students develop this skill are also covered.

To view the course you will need your log-in details from when you purchased the course.  You will have six months access to this course before it expires. The course is available immediately once the PayPal transaction has been processed.  It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any course.  



  1. Jocelyn

    Simple and comprehensive. I’m looking forward to teaching the writing components of Cracking the ABC Code.

  2. Caterina Napoli

    Another informative module put together by Lillian. It was very easy to follow. I particularly liked the example videos with the students. The PowerPoint slides which are available to download are also a fantastic reference point when teaching.
    I would recommend it to all teachers wanting some strategies to help students struggling with writing.

  3. Karen

    Lillian has put together a well sequenced module to assist all students who struggle to write persuasively and/or creatively. What I really like about this method is that students now have a well structured model to follow. The video clips were very easy to follow. Having a student to demonstrate the process also assisted to embed how it looks. Congratulations Lillian on another fine module which will assist so many students. Your work is amazing and I often ask myself what did we do before Cracking the ABC Code was developed.

  4. Colleen Stephens

    I really enjoyed doing the writing course. Lillian has set it out in a very easy and structured format like her other workshops. It was very informative, and very comprehensive. The quiz at the end of each section reinforces what you have learnt and they were enjoyable to complete. Lillian has thought of everything with having videos to watch as well being able to download PowerPoint slides to have a look at again at a later stage. I have learnt so much doing this workshop. Thank you so much.

  5. Libby Gerritsma

    I thoroughly enjoyed completing the CABCC On-line Writing Workshop and learnt so much in the process. The information is very comprehensive covering all the crucial strategies required in teaching the different writing programs. Lillian has clearly structured the workshop with useful steps about how each lesson with a student would be implemented. The multiple choice quiz at the end of each module ensures you have gained an excellent understanding of all the concepts covered. The downloadable PowerPoint slides are ideal for taking notes and reflecting on at a later stage.

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