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Increasing Reading Speed

Fluent reading depends on knowledge acquired from reading. Every time you read, you become more familiar with the vocabulary, the structures of sentences and the informational content. The greater your familiarity with this knowledge, the less time that is required to process this information and consequently you can comprehend text with greater speed and efficiency. […]

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The Perfetti Experiments

What is the role of phonic knowledge in the reading process? Perfetti and his colleagues designed a series of experiment to test this question. In one study, Perfetti studied third and fifth grade children who had been identified as good and poor readers using a standardised reading assessment. The children were asked to read real […]

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The Comprehension Continuum

Comprehension moves from the basic recall of information through to making inferences and finally making evaluative judgements.  Each of these types of comprehension have a place to play in our understanding of the text.  However, many comprehension activities don’t move past basic literal comprehension questions where the answer can be found simply by looking back […]

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Letter Sounds Matter

Which is more important – knowing the name of letters or knowing the sound of the letters? The importance of knowing letter names versus letter sounds in early literacy development has long been debated. Similarly, should we be teaching letter sounds first and then letter names or is the reverse order of more benefit, or […]

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Helping Children Select Books

It is not uncommon for children to go to the school library (or community library) and spend the allocated time wandering around with no books to check-out when it is time to leave. In addition, children are often reluctant to consider recommendations from adults. Instead, try the following strategies which are based on determining the […]

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