Activities Using the Suffix ‘ant’

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It is often difficult to know whether to use the suffix ‘ant’ or ‘ent’. Click here for an overview of conventions associated with the use of ‘ant’ versus ‘ent’.

However, it’s not easy and there are lots of exceptions, so students need multiple opportunities to identify and use words with these suffixes.

It is often a good idea to just focus on one suffix at a time. Below are some ideas for activities related to ‘ant’.

Activity 1

Begin by providing a definition of the suffix ‘ant’. Then either giving students a list of words ending in ‘ant’ that are suitable for their current literacy level (see below) or for older or more competent students ask them to do a Google search and make a list of words ending in ‘ant’.

Students can then use a search engine such as to determine of the ‘ant’ is a part of the word or a suffix and divide the words accordingly.

pant rant chant giant grant slant plant decant infant errant mutant pliant tenant truant tyrant vacant distant elegant fondant implant instant dormant buoyant migrant pageant peasant pennant reliant remnant replant servant vibrant warrant vagrant valiant abundant arrogant dominant eggplant elephant emigrant flippant irritant jubilant militant occupant penchant pregnant pheasant pleasant relevant stagnant tolerant brilliant celebrant attendant assistant compliant consonant confidant defendant deodorant immigrant important indignant lubricant malignant observant reluctant repellent stimulant resistant

Activity 2

Provide the students with the table below and using a dictionary (physical or online) they match the word with the definition.

An ant looking for a job applicant
A spy ant brilliant
An idle, unoccupied ant tenant
A very smart ant blatant
An ant that rents a house militant
A violent ant consultant
An ant with plenty repentant
An expert ant providing advice vacant
A cruel and oppressive ant reluctant
A sincerely regretful ant accountant
An unwilling ant discordant
An ant that keeps financial records participant
An disagreeing ant abundant
An ant worthy of attention irritant
An ant who takes part constant
An ant who puts up with others significant
An ant that keeps moving steadily pollutant
A dirty ant tyrant
An annoying ant tolerant
An unashamedly bad ant informant

Activity 3

Students make their own activity based on the activity above, but using different words.

Activity 4

Provide stems which require students to make use of different spelling rules before adding on ‘ant’. Revise the rules first.

  • ‘e’ goes away when adding a suffix beginning with a vowel, except when the word ends with ‘ce’ or ‘ge’ and the suffix begins with ‘a’, ‘o’ or ‘u’.
  • Change ‘y’ to ‘i’ and add the suffix, except when ‘y’ follows a vowel or when adding ‘ing’.
  • Double the final ‘l’ when a word is more than one syllable and adding a suffix beginning with a vowel.
StemWord with ‘ant’ added