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Spelling Games

Detective Have the child’s list of spelling words in front of you both.  Take it in turns to choose a word from the list and give clues regarding the spelling of the word. These clues can be based on the graphemes used in the words, the syllables, vowels, or applicable rules. Each person can have […]

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Spelling & Learning Difficulties

  Learning to spell words correctly is a difficult skill and it is a skill that is even more challenging for children with learning and attention issues. If you are a poor speller it impacts on: The words you select to use because you may deliberately choose simple words that are easier to spell and […]

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Helping Students Learn From Their Mistakes

I’m often asked about the value of on-line and computer based programs for students that are having difficulty with reading and spelling.  Although there is definitely a place for some of these programs, I believe that at this stage of technological development, you can’t replace human interaction and feedback. Every mistake a student makes is […]

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ant or ent -

Is the suffix -ant or –ent?

The suffixes ‘-ant’ and ‘-ent’ are added to words to form a noun to indicate a ‘person who’ or ‘thing that’ (e.g., an ‘assistant’ is a person who assists, a ‘president’ is a person who presides). They are also added to words to form adjectives describing a state or quality (e.g., stagnate – stagnant, persist […]

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e goes away

Spelling Rules Rule

        If you are not a particularly good speller, the more spelling rules you know and understand, the better your spelling becomes because it gives you a framework to determine the most likely spelling of a word and this is supported by a growing body of research (see the references below).  Yes, […]

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