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Current research by Malpique and Veiga Simao (2019) shows that using mnemonics is an effective strategy for increasing writing quality, the development and organisation of ideas, and the language clarity of students’ persuasive writing. The use of mnemonics is commonly used in classrooms. However, from an intervention perspective often students are not provided with sufficient […]

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Where in the Wild

Using Children’s Books to Teach Non-Fiction Writing

  Expository writing is a key skill for students to learn as it is the most common form of writing that they will use as they progress through the education system and into the workforce. Steward and Young (2019) suggest that children’s books can be a useful resource for teaching students this skill and suggest […]

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Writer's Checklist

Creating Writer’s Checklists

    Jagaiah et al. (2019) suggest developing a series of checklists as a way of supporting students who find the writing process difficult. Ideally, these checklists should be constructed in conjunction with the student. The construction of the checklist is a four-step process: Identify the student’s overall strengths and needs for the particular genre […]

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Dysgraphia is a Greek word: ‘dys’ meaning ‘impaired’, ‘graph’ meaning ‘to write’ and ‘ia’ meaning ‘the condition of’.  Dysgraphia, therefore, is a specific learning disability that affects writing. It can include difficulties with handwriting, spelling and/or expressing thoughts in writing (i.e., it can a language based and/or a non-language based disorder). Non-language based dysgraphia is […]

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Picture Books for Writing

At times children can find it difficult to think of a coherent story line and then to develop that story in a systematic and interesting way.  Children’s picture books that have no words are an excellent resource for these children because the illustrations provide the plot. Look at the pictures together and use your imagination […]

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