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Combining & Expanding Sentences

  Sentences are the basic building blocks of writing. There is a growing body of research showing that sentence combining and sentence expanding are effective ways of improving students’ writing by teaching them the skills associated with developing elaborate and complex sentences. There are also several advantages to this type of activity: It is quick. […]

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My Recipe Book

  There are oodles of cooking books for children and also picture fiction books to motivate children to be excited about cooking. Here are just a few: TJ Tales: A Surprise for Mum is a story of misunderstandings based around homophones (words that sound the same but have a different meaning) as TJ cooks some powder […]

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Postcast: Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology and learning difficulties expert, Julie Tasker, discusses the different types of assistive technologies available to students with learning difficulties and how they ‘even the playing field’.  For more information and to learn how use the different types of technology, go to:

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Write to an Author

Children are more likely to be engaged in writing if they have a genuine reason for writing. One strategy is to encourage children to write to an author (particularly a favourite author of books they love).  As a part of this activity, you can teach the different components of a formal letter (address, date, greeting, […]

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Image tree

Create an Image Tree

Descriptive language describes a person, object or place in such a way that the reader is able to visualise the image in the same way as the writer. It requires the writer to pay close attention to details using all the senses: Taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Writers use a range of techniques to […]

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