Discussing Books


Sometimes a good way to ‘kill’ a child’s interest in reading is to ask questions about the book. As soon as you are asking questions, you are testing and for many children (especially poor readers) testing can be stressful.

Instead of asking questions about the text, discuss your opinions and encourage and exchange of ideas with your child.

Obviously, this presupposes that you are familiar with the story. I would encourage every parent to be reading a part of any book their children are reading to their children.

Discussion Starters

 My favourite/least favourite character was ________ because _____. (Consider the character’s appearance, actions, thoughts, beliefs, values and dialogue in your response.

 I think ______ (insert character’s name) is like/or really different to ___________ (another character or someone you know) because _______

 I predict that __________ (insert character’s name) will ________ because __________. This can be discuss at any point in the book, including at the end.

 I would feel _______ if ______ (insert character’s name) did that to me because ________.

 I noticed that this story/event was set in ______ (consider time, place, era).

 I have had/I know someone who had a similar problem to ________. I/he/she resolved it by ________.

 I liked the way the author described _________ because _________.

 I felt _____ when _________.

In these discussion there are no right or wrong answers and you should value your child’s responses.

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