Discussion Cards

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Oral language is an important component of literacy, so oral language activities should be incorporated into every literacy program.

I thought these Discussion Cards were a great idea for classroom teachers, so I have created a set that can be printed and laminated ready for immediate use. Click on the picture for the printable pdf.

For information on how to use the cards go to: 60 Second Strategy-Participation Cards[divider]

A couple of other suggestions:


• If any student uses the card requesting more information, provide further information.
• Once every student is showing an agree or disagree card, ask them to pair with a student with the alternative card (i.e., every pair should consist of a student with an ‘agree card’ and a student with a ‘disagree card’).
• Give each student a designated amount of time to express their view point to their partner.
• Based on this exchange students can decide to stay with their original decision or change.
• Repeat several times with students finding another partner with the opposite view to their current belief.


• As students express an opinion this is recorded for all to see.
• Once a reasonable number of supporting and opposing reasons have been expressed, students can select three that reflect their stance and use these as the basis for writing a persuasive essay.