Following Instruction

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Activities which require children to follow instructions are inherently an indication of comprehension. If you can’t make sense of what you are reading then you can’t successfully complete the activity. Being able to follow instructions is integral to so many aspects of our life (applying for a job, constructing furniture, using a new appliance, finding a location, purchasing items on the internet) and is a key component of most text books, tests and classroom work in general.

The internet provides a plethora of resources that can be used to help students master this very important skill. These resources have the added bonus that they are fun. I would recommend that you print out the instructions in a font size appropriate for your child’s age and with all the distracting adverts removed. Here are some ideas and links:

String figures: (make sure you have a go at the wink)


Science experiments:

Craft activities:


Diaolo tricks:


Do an internet search with your child to find a specific activity in their area of interest.