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Have you ever used an interrobang?

Have you even heard of this punctuation mark‽

An interrobang combines a question mark and an exclamation mark superimposed on each other. It is used to indicate a question that is also an exclamation.

What are you doing‽ 

You call that a knife‽

The interrobang was invented by Martin Speckter, the head of an American advertising agency. He believed it would be a better punctuation mark to use when asking rhetorical questions. ‘Bang’ is printers’ slang for the exclamation mark and ‘interro’ is derived from the Latin ‘interrogatio’.

Interestingly, the State Library of New South Wales in Australia adopted the interrobang as its logo in 2010. It was chosen to reflect that the library is a place where questions are asked (?) and answers found (!).

If you want to use an interrobang in your writing you can locate this punctuation mark under symbols in Microsoft Word.