Take Two

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Take Two is a modified Scrabble game. It is a quick game that is useful for practising spelling skills and word manipulation.

Take a Scrabble game, remove all the tiles and place the tiles upside down in the middle of the table. Leave the Scrabble board in the box.

Each player randomly picks up 7 tiles. On go, each player turns over the 7 tiles and attempts to construct a mini crossword puzzle using the letters.

Once any player has used all 7 tiles he/she calls, “Take Two,” and everyone has to pick up two more tiles even if they haven’t used all their existing tiles. These two new tiles are added onto the crossword puzzle.

If at any time all players are unable to use all the tiles. Then everyone agrees to ‘take two’.

You are allowed to constantly rearrange the letters on your mini crossword puzzle as often as needed to use all your tiles.

When playing with young children, keep an eye on their tiles and give them suggestions to help them make words. You could also modify the rules so that you don’t pick up two until everyone has used their tiles or can’t move.

If you want to be competitive, you can score each crossword using the numbers on each tile.

However, my preference is to firstly have everyone identify their longest word and then to decide on their most interesting word. Each child then has to create a story using all the words in their crossword puzzle.