Write to an Author

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Children are more likely to be engaged in writing if they have a genuine reason for writing. One strategy is to encourage children to write to an author (particularly a favourite author of books they love).  As a part of this activity, you can teach the different components of a formal letter (address, date, greeting, introductory, body and concluding paragraphs and closing message and signature).

Content Ideas:

  • Introduce yourself – name, age, interests.
  • Mention the author’s books you particular enjoy and explain why.
  • Ask thoughtful and inquisitive questions about the characters, the events or the setting.


  • Write a rough draft which is then edited before writing a final version.
  • Handwritten letters are perceived as more personal.
  • Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, as you are more likely to receive a reply.

For more information about children’s authors and illustrators, including activities, reviews and contact details check out this website: http://www.fcbg.org.uk/childrens-authors-and-illustrators/