Xmas Decoration Writing

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The more times you can incorporate writing into other activities, the more opportunities students get to write and the more practice they have expressing themselves and writing words correctly.

Students can create Christmas tree decorations using popsicle sticks.

Cut the sticks into different lengths so when placed above each other they form a triangle shape.

Choose a topic: It could be a person, a present they would like to receive, a holiday activity……

Brainstorm ideas about the topic.

Write the topic on the smallest stick. Write a different idea that provides more information about the topic on each stick.

Attach the sticks to a length of string. You can make it more decorative by threading on a bead between each stick. Make the top end of the string into a loop so it can be suspended from a Christmas tree or another object.

The idea doesn’t need to be limited to a Christmas tree shape or to Christmas related themes.