Homophone Activity

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A homophone is a word that sounds the same as (or very similar to) another word but has a different meaning and spelling.

From an intervention perspective, it is common for students to confuse homophones, so they need multiple opportunities to learn the correct spelling and meaning of homophones so they can use them correctly in their written work.

One idea is to create sentences using homophones incorrectly. Students need to rewrite the sentences using the correct homophones.

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  • The buoy was aloud two sale too the beech.
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  • Who’s teem mist winning bye won point.
  • The hoarse gambled threw the gait.
  • The made brushed the mayor’s tale.

Next, give your students a list of homophones and have them create their own crazy sentences. They can then swap their sentences with their classmates for them to rewrite correctly.

Further ideas for teaching homophones: