Podcast: A child’s view of dyslexia

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Listen to 9 year old Jade discuss her experience of being dyslexic.

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  1. Melanie Webb

    I am Jade’s aunty who also struggled with dyslexia as a child but did not know it, nor did anyone else in India growing up in the 70’s. Jade has shown nothing but tenacity in coming to grips with her dyslexia. She has such a beautiful heart and is so talented in so many areas of her life. Super proud of you Jade!!!!

    Also in great admiration of my sister Melinda who has taken the initiative and never given up.

    Great job Lillian, I have seen such a great improvement in Jade since she has been working with you.

    What a fabulous interview! Thank you!

  2. Mercedes Webb

    WELL DONE my beautiful niece…You will go far, NEVER GIVE UP.
    For all those who are unsure…there is HELP, make sure yo find it.