Michelle Fichtl
M.Teach (Primary), B.A. (English & Psych.), IMSLE
St Ives, NSW
Ph: 0404 618 424

Parent Reviews

I have been going to Michelle for a year with my 8 year old son. After 3 months the results we saw were incredible. Michelle is professional and kind and helps not only the child but the parents learn how to support and tackle the problems. It has not been easy but seeing your child progress makes it all worth it. Thanks Michelle!


Michelle has been helping my year 6 son for 2 terms this year. The program (Cracking the ABC Code) was so well suited to his particular needs. I’ve seen a vast improvement in his phonic skills. I attended the weekly sessions with my son and therefore able to work with him during the week to reinforce the learnings. Michelle is patient, firm and encouraging. I’d highly recommend Michelle.

Liesel B   

My son has just completed 6 months of learning with Michelle. The improvement in his spelling and written work in this time has been outstanding, and beyond our expectations. She was able to understand his challenges, and developed an appropriate program for him. She ensured he had the right support, guidance and encouragement which enabled him to engage with the program and bring him up to speed in his areas for development. The results have been beyond expected, and he is moved back in to being within range for most of his areas around writing, reading and spelling. Many thanks for your support Michelle. It has made the world of difference.

Nicki D   

My 9 year old son completed the 'Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 3B' program with Michelle in April 2021 and we are so happy with the results. He has shown significant improvement is his spelling ability, greater confidence in his writing and an increased willingness to attempt literacy activities in general.

Even though he is easily distracted, Michelle keeps him focused and engaged throughout the class. Her teaching style is centred on a strict, non-nonsense approach, but is peppered with fun 'brain breaks' and regular doses of praise.

We cannot speak highly enough of Michelle and the positive impact she has had on our son's academic achievement. Thank you!

Samantha D   

At Christmas, prior to starting with Michelle, I bought my daughter (yr 4, 9 years old) a bunch of the simpler books she was able to read - Weir Do, Bad Men ect, to encourage reading for pleasure. At the end of the 12 week program - ABC cracking the code, she was churning through the whole Hunger Games trilogy plus prequel. We ended up giving most of the easier books to her little cousin, as she was on a whole different level. We had been doing once weekly intervention for two years before this, with minimal improvement, so I was not expecting this at all. I think what really helped was that Leela had specific gaps that Michelle correctly identified, and then tailored a program to help her. Also, Michelle's classes taught both Leela and I, so I was taught how to give 5 short sessions a week, which really helped to embed the knowledge, and Michelle is warm and interested, so Leela liked coming to reading class. Her decoding ability went up 5 years, from 3 years below age level to 2 years above. Everything else also went up, and her class room teacher commented to me about the leaps she had made over terms 1 and 2. We are now working on writing, and even though we are locked down, Leela is enjoying her zoom lessons.


Our daughter Sophia is in year 7 and has recently completed the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 3B in June 2021. She was diagnosed overseas 4.5 years ago with dyslexia but we had her re-evaluated last year in order to receive “accommodations” at school. Michelle assisted us throughout this process. Year 6 was when she started to compare herself to her peers and realised she was not at the same level with reading, which took a massive knock on her confidence. Home schooling during COVID proved a very frustrating and emotional time. She has been seeing Michelle for the past 6 months, her confidence in her learning abilities has improved greatly. The program is very intensive, I found the repetition and use of visual cues to recall from memory extremely useful when she struggles to spell words. Michelle is very dedicated to helping people achieve their potential.

Laverne Castanheira   

My son (age 7) was struggling with reading and writing at school (initially due to due to ADHD) and had fallen well behind his peers. He completed the Multisensory Reading Level 2B program with Michelle and his reading improved so much that within a year that he was back up to his year level. The speed of his improvement amazed us, as well as his school teacher, and we are so grateful to Michelle for enabling this. My son's behaviour can be challenging but Michelle managed him in a patient yet authoritative manner, with clever "movement breaks", such that he stayed focused in her lessons and could complete the course. Had we not found Michelle, I have no doubt he would have continued to struggle at school and fallen even further behind. Thank you so much, Michelle, for giving my son the boost that he so needed.

Justine Moorhouse   

Michelle is an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure her students are well-equipped to succeed with the material taught in class. She never hesitates to provide additional resources and feedback for her students. Her enthusiasm definitely rubbed off on my daughter (Y3) and she became more attentive and engaged in lessons. Under her guidance, my daughter started with Multisensory Reading Level 2B followed by Comprehension Level 3, a persuasive writing and editing course and finally Comprehension Level 5. She has laid down a great foundation for my daughter in literacy and paved the way to success for future grades.

Nick Salahi   

My daughter Madison (year 3) has been working with Michelle for around 18 months now. Madison is not an easy student and has learning difficulties which impact her retention of information, understanding of patterns/rules and comprehension. Michelle has done an excellent job of bringing Madison up from the bottom of her class and the Cracking the ABC code has been an excellent tool in this journey. Michelle has inspired Madison to be her best and given her the much needed confidence to start enjoying school. I am completely convinced this program and tutorship has been a game changer.

Matthew Giles   

My son (Year 6, Age 12) has been working with Michelle for just over 4 months. Starting with Cracking The ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 3C and moving onto Comprehension Level 7. We have seen great gains in his vocabulary, reading and comprehension and also his confidence in regards to his schoolwork and speaking with others. I feel that Michelle’s structured style of teaching and consistent and patient manner has really benefited my child and has allowed him to achieve quite a lot in a short space of time.

Nicole Kotarac   

My son (9yo in Yr4) has been working with Michelle for over a year now and the progress has been absolutely amazing. He completed the Multisensory Reading Level 3C and has almost completed the Comprehension Level 5 program. Michelle is a fantastic teacher and really puts her heart and soul into her work. I would happily recommend Michelle to anyone who's child has a learning difficulty in literacy.

Charisse Nortje   

My daughter has been seeing Michelle for nearly 2 years. She is currently in year 6, and has completed the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Programme Level 3B. I cannot speak highly enough of the program, but more importantly Michelle’s incredible ability to encourage hard work and persistence in a child that has found school life very challenging. I am now confident that my child will be able to commence high school with determination and the mentality that she will overcome any challenges. This work ethic is not so much present in my other two children who have not had to work so hard just to keep pace with the pack, and I have Michelle to thank for this. This child now works independently and loves writing stories. I highly recommend both the program, and Michelle.

Michelle Byrnes   

My son (grade 5) has been working with Michelle for the past 4 months completing Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Programme Level 3B. During this time he has grown in confidence and has improved his reading, spelling, and comprehension. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who needs help in these areas

Georgina Turner   

My son ( Year 2) has been with Michelle for the past 2 years and has made huge progress with his reading, writing, comprehension and spelling. Cracking the ABC code was an excellent choice to support his literacy learning. Michelle is an excellent teacher who understands the needs of my son. She's supportive and dedicated to seeing him improve and progress. My son has improved in confidence and ability since working with Michelle. I would recommend her highly to anyone with a child who needs help with reading, writing and spelling.

Louise Le Roux   

My daughter, who is in Year 1, has been working with Michelle Fichtl for over a year and has made outstanding progress with the Multisensory Reading Program Level 2B as well as with her aptitude and attitude to learning in general. Michelle has been supportive, encouraging and has spring-boarded my daughter onto her path of learning. I highly recommend Michelle as she used her knowledge and experience to identify and address my daughter’s specific areas of need, and with her guidance closed the gaps and set her up for success.

Catherine Cottrell   

Michelle is an amazing teacher who really knows how to help, support and motivate her students. My daughter started the ‘Multisensory Reading Program level 3B ‘ at the start of this year with remarkable results, she advanced more than 3 years in her reading comprehension and nearly 2 years in her reading and spelling ability in only 6 months. Thanks to Michelle, my daughter has gained confidence in the classroom and is in a much happier place at school! Michelle works closely with parents to get the best from her students and I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs help learning to read, write and spell.

Kate Everitt   

Chiara was an almost non-reading 10 year old. Her spelling was so atrocious that I could not read a shopping list that she may have written. After doing the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 3C her spelling and reading advanced to a very workable level. The testing showed that she had advanced by 2 years in 6 months. More importantly she actually started reading by herself. Her comprehension had advanced so much to be age appropriate! This is exactly what my daughter needed. Michelle's stamina with Chiara in applying the method was key to the success.

Orsola De Marco   

My daughter has been working with Michelle Fichtl for almost a year and I cannot recommend her enough. Michelle is encouraging, positive, patient and knows her subject very well. She is always well prepared and works with the child as well as with the parent. My daughter has made fabulous progress and always leaves the class with a smile.

Fanny Clarsen   

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