Michelle Fichtl


Michelle Fichtl
M.Teach (Primary), B.A. (English & Psych.), IMSLE
(4 years teaching experience)
Turramurra, NSW
Ph: 0404 618 424


Parent Reviews

Chiara was an almost non-reading 10 year old. Her spelling was so atrocious that I could not read a shopping list that she may have written. After doing the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 3C her spelling and reading advanced to a very workable level. The testing showed that she had advanced by 2 years in 6 months. More importantly she actually started reading by herself. Her comprehension had advanced so much to be age appropriate! This is exactly what my daughter needed. Michelle's stamina with Chiara in applying the method was key to the success.

Orsola De Marco   

My daughter has been working with Michelle Fichtl for almost a year and I cannot recommend her enough. Michelle is encouraging, positive, patient and knows her subject very well. She is always well prepared and works with the child as well as with the parent. My daughter has made fabulous progress and always leaves the class with a smile.

Fanny Clarsen   

Michelle is an amazing teacher who really knows how to help, support and motivate her students. My daughter started the ‘Multisensory Reading Program level 3B ‘ at the start of this year with remarkable results, she advanced more than 3 years in her reading comprehension and nearly 2 years in her reading and spelling ability in only 6 months. Thanks to Michelle, my daughter has gained confidence in the classroom and is in a much happier place at school! Michelle works closely with parents to get the best from her students and I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs help learning to read, write and spell.

Kate Everitt   

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