Willem Van Rensburg
Grad. Dip. Sec. Ed., Cert. IV Adult Ed.
North Lakes, Queensland
Ph: 0422 924 642



Parent Reviews

Willem is extremely patient and well spoken. He is a kind person and children bond easily with him.

Dr Marileze Van Zyl   

Very impressed with the assistance Mr V has provided Savannah, the confidence she has gained to believe she is worthy of learning and that she can give it a go has been fantastic. Before coming to Mr V Savannah had lots of resistance and would not give things a go. Now she is attempting with tools she has been taught.


Willem has exceptional knowledge of pedagogical practices in diverse contexts as evident in applying diverse and innovative learning interventions. This is complemented by Willem’s ability to build rapport with his learners and his patience in developing and delivering tailored learning outcomes.

Dr Sarel Gronum   

Mr V is a skilled teacher and established a very beneficial teaching relationship with my son. My son enjoyed his lessons with Mr V and was often motivated by wanting to show him that he was completing his lessons and improving. Mr V’s teaching style incorporated personal interest, reasonable expectations and humour which produced in my son a willingness to learn, respect and fondness for his teacher.


Mr Van Rensburg is an excellent teacher. He is kind and engaging with Angelo. Angelo looks forward to his lessons and has respect for his teacher.


Cracking the ABC Code Willem Van Rensburg is the best!! Cracking the Code is lucky to have him as an advocate and tutor. Very supportive, knowledgeable, patient and has great sense of humour. He has a strong rapport with my daughter who has had substantial improvement over the past 18 mths. Thank you Mr V!!


Willem has extensive knowledge of the program and tailors it to suit Emily's learning and family needs. He has a good relationship with her and she mostly enjoys the lessons. I enjoy the clarity of the program and Willem writing straight-forward instructions for home.


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