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Our 7yr old daughter has shown a lot of improvement since working with Judy. We were concerned over here reading and spelling development and engaged Judy over Skype and it has worked really well. Judy explained the process clearly to me and what my role was which made it easier on me. It was challenging at times to keep my daughter engaged but Judy was very good at working with her and keeping us all on track.
A big thanks to Judy and look forward to working with her again on the next module.


In less than 6 months Judy improved my sons reading age by two years. My 8 year old Autistic son had worked with tutors previously. No program or tutoring system has provided him with the result Cracking the ABC Code has. The improvements in his reading and writing are evident in every aspect of his school report.

Judy delivers the lessons in a fun and encouraging manner. She is always positive, cheerful and understanding of my son and his needs. If you are looking to improve your child's literacy skills I highly recommend Judy and Cracking the ABC Code.


I highly recommend Judy and Cracking the ABC Code. After a 12 weeks course my son 8 years old has improved beyond our expectation. The course is intensive but worth the effort. His confidence has increased and he is now willing to attempt reading and spelling tricky words that prior to the course were “too hard”. His teacher noticed the improvement within weeks. Judy worked out my son within the first session and knew when he needed a break or silly dance to shift his attitude. Judy’s happy presence, patience and understanding won over my son from the beginning. Thank you Judy!


Judy has been a god send. Before we started the program, my then 7yr old daughter was struggling with reading, writing and spelling. She lacked confidence and always said “I can’t do this, I don’t know” After 2 terms, we have noticed a big change and with more practice the more confident she becomes. My daughter now loves to pick up short novels to read instead of picture books with short sentences. Judy makes the lessons fun, you can see she loves to teach so she can make a difference in each and every child.


I strongly recommend Judy to be your language teacher. She is patient and nice to my son, and she is experienced enough to identify the problems of my son.
Our course is a 12-week package. After this course, my son has significant progress with at LEAST 2 years of improvement in each dimension. Before he taking the course, he was alone and lack of confidence to communicate with his classmate, but now he enjoys his school time so much.
What is want to say is Thank You Judy, you are so lovely.



I highly recommend Judy, she is extremely knowledgeable and knew instinctively how to get the best out of my 9 year old who has a habit of shutting down when things seem too hard.
After just 12 weeks my daughters literacy skills have improved dramatically and we are ready to commence a further program. The program is quite intensive and we did find it hard to keep up with at times but we completed it and in such a short time has given my daughter the strategies she was missing for decoding words.


A huge Thank You to Judy for Tutoring my 2 daughters and for the great improvement in their reading and comprehension. My 11 year old has gone from a C to a B student and has blitzed her year 5 Naplan. My 9 year old did the comprehension course and also improved. Judy's teaching experience is amazing and she has a very happy, caring and positive nature which helped the girls to gain confidence with their work. I would highly recommend Judy and Cracking the ABC Code.


Thank you Judy for helping my 10 years old son regain confidence in tackling English writing (grade 5).
When we started attending your tutoring course, my son was convinced that he simply "couldn’t do English" and had built up so much fear and rejection of that subject that the prospect of having to do any amount of writing was meeting immense resistance.
The course is very structured and the way it breaks down the paragraphs and provides the opportunity to repeat and progressively enhance each step of Persuasive Writing and Creative Writing enables the pupils to tackle writing in manageable-size tasks and integrate the structure that is required for their writing without feeling overwhelmed by the overall essay.
Thank you for your warm and enthusiastic welcome at each session. Your catching smile and energetic, positive approach have certainly helped in motivating my son to try his best and improve. A decisive factor in making the tutoring sessions a success has definitely been your ability to recognise when he needs a break to move and recharge, and when to gloss over his resistance to take on board the suggestions and help offered.
Over the first term of getting your help on Persuasive Writing he moved up from D to C in English, and as we continue with Creative Writing he is continuing to gain confidence in his ability to improve on his writing.
Many thanks for bringing him around from not believing he “can’t do English” into realising he is actually full of great ideas and just needs to take putting them in writing step by step!


I can highly recommend Judy and Cracking the ABC Code. Judy has helped my 10-year-old son to believe in his own ability to write and spell. He has gone from not wanting to try at school in relation to English, to writing pages in class. He tackled the persuasive writing course first and then easily moved on to the creative writing course. It was an intense process but the reward of seeing my son regain his confidence and improve his writing and spelling skills was well worth the effort. Judy is always positive and has an amazing knack for working out exactly what your child needs to succeed. We thank her for all her hard work, patience and encouragement. Although we know the process is ongoing, without her we would not be where we are today.


Judy has been working with my 10 year old daughter and my 5 year old twin boys for the past few months.

Before seeing Judy my daughter was behind in her spelling and reading and lacked in confidence. She is now a confident reader and her spelling is amazing.

My twin boys struggled to recognize any sounds and could not spell one word. They are now confident with all their sounds, blending small word and even reading short sentences.

The difference Judy has made to all 3 of my children in such a short time is absolutely amazing.

Sheree Martin   

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