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Homonyms are words that are pronounced and spelled the same, but have different meanings. This video clip provides a fun way of introducing this concept to students.

Challenge students to make a list of other homonyms and then use the list to:

  • Create a joke or riddle.
  • Create their own video clip.
  • Create a game (e.g., Bingo – matching pictures with words, Memory – matching words with definitions, Find the Cuckoo – students given a picture card representing a word and they have to find their homonym partner, except one person doesn’t have a match, etc.).
  • Play Charades to guess the words.
  • Write a sentence in which both meanings of a word are used (e.g., I heard the dog bark at the insects living in the bark).
  • Identify the part of speech of the two homonyms (fly the insect=noun, fly the activity=verb).
  • Create a crossword.

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