Simple Shorthand

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This is a great strategy for:

  • Helping students remember the sentence they want to write.
  • Ensuring the sentence is punctuate correctly as the student writes.
  • Improving vocabulary used in the sentence before writing the sentence.

Note: Instead of writing the first letter of each word, students could write the grapheme representing the first sound in each word.

2 Responses

  1. Alison

    Hi, this looks like a useful tip for children with working memory difficulties, though I would prefer to see the student write the exact letters that spell the first sound to be used as a reminder , for example instead of writing c for children , write ch and instead of s I would prefer them to write sh for ‘should’ especially since the student seemed to know how to spell the words anyway, or those particular digraphs at least.
    If you are always thinking about matching letters to sounds when spelling , this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do and just a small change to the shorthand.

    • Lillian

      Hi Alison,

      That is a great idea and I 100% agree – not sure why I didn’t think of it myself!